Local family feels impact as COVID cases rise in children

Published: Sep. 2, 2021 at 9:44 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Local doctors say they’re concerned for the fall as the delta variant continues to spread in our schools.

On Wednesday, Children’s Hospital of Georgia confirmed our area’s first pediatric death from COVID. We’re still waiting for more details about that case, like the child’s age, to be released.

This delta variant is just so different. Doctors say we’re seeing more cases in children than ever before. With the concern rising, many parents may be eager for the vaccine.

“By early afternoon, he said his legs felt too wobbly to walk so that’s when I took him to go get tested,” said Malorie Golbensky.

After Golbensky’s 6-year-old son Luke tested positive for COVID, she expected the whole house to catch it quickly.

“But on day five after Luke’s test, I had gotten some of those at home, tests, and everybody was negative, except for Luke. and that was really surprising to me,” she said.

She, her husband, and three other kids eventually did get COVID, but with varying symptoms at varying times.

“Day 8, my 3-year-old woke up with pinkeye and his nose was a little bit runny,” she said.

Then five days later, her 14-month-old.

“He was the only one out of everybody that I thought I may end up needing to get to the hospital because of dehydration,” she said.

“So the delta variant is very different than what we saw in the previous variant,” said Dr. Joshua Wyche, assistant vice president of strategic planning for AU Health.

Wyche says right now unvaccinated children are among the most at risk for contracting COVID.

“If we look back into June of 2021 nationwide, There were 8,500 children that week that tested positive for COVID-19. In the week from August 19 through August 26 more than 200,000 children. Let me repeat that - 200,000 children in the United States, tested positive for COVID,” he said.

Trails are ongoing but the vaccine should be available for kids under 12 around December 20 he says. In the meantime, Wyche says those who can should get vaccinated and wear masks.

“If your kid is sick and it doesn’t matter what the symptom is just exclude it, just go get them tested before sending them right back to school,” said Golbensky.

Malorie’s family is doing well. The kids are getting ready to go back to school soon. Wyche says they still don’t have any information about if the vaccine dose for children will be smaller. But he says it will be a two-dose series just like the shot for everyone else.

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