Local nursing homes feeling impact of regional nurse shortage

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 7:10 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home is looking to hire more help. Tuesday the Goodwill job connection on Washington Road where Augusta University held a job fair to hire more nurses. We’re seeing a lack of nurses across the two-state impact not only hospitals but our local nursing homes and even our schools.

Tuesday the women from the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home showed us their passion for their career. They’re looking for 10 to 15 more nurses with the same values to help care for their patients. We spoke to local experts about where the shortage is coming from.

It’s not as easy as identifying one issue, it’s a combination of older nurses retiring, not as many instructors for students, less students, leaving to work for third party agencies and people are just getting more sick and requiring more care spreading our healthcare workers pretty thin.

“Really really multitask so that means some people are doing more than what they would normally do as just doing just one job they would do other little things whatever it really takes to get those residents cared for that’s what we’re doing,” said Kay Roland, director of nursing GA War Veterans Nursing Home AU.

Even with the extra challenges still giving patients the care they need.

“It can be pretty hectic. Nurses are running the units, CNA’s are providing the care and it’s just a well-oiled machine communication, everyone pulling together to do what’s necessary,” said Stephanie Nicols, assistant director of nursing at Georgia War and RN.

AU Health needs patient care techs, leadership, people in the labs, nurses, parts of the whole team. According to the Nurse Journal, the state of Georgia ranks the fifth-lowest nationally for nurses to Georgia citizens.

And AU Health will be hosting a virtual hiring event on September 16th. You can find a list of employment opportunities online on AU Health’s website.

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