Nine-year-old saves for back to school, future with money app

Published: Aug. 9, 2021 at 6:31 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A nine-year-old in Albany spent the summer learning life lessons before heading back to the classroom.

She uses a kids’ budgeting app to learn money management, buy stocks, and save for school supplies.

“With my stock I did Disney, and I put in $10,” said Jael White. She’ll start the fourth grade next week at Live Oak Elementary. Her mother, Sebrina Moss said it’s important for wealth management instruction to begin early.

Sebrina Moss, Jael White's mother shows BusyKid app.
Sebrina Moss, Jael White's mother shows BusyKid app.(WALB)

“When I was nine, I didn’t even know what a stock was, so for her to be able to see that part of life that we experience as adults and she gets to start to build her wealth starting at nine years old is absolutely phenomenal,” Moss said.

They use the BusyKid app. It’s a digital bank account allowing you to receive rewards for completed tasks.

“Brush your teeth at a.m. and p.m., then there’s making your bed, putting your clean clothes away, putting your dirty clothes in the hamper,” said White.

At nine years old, she’s already saving for college and for the start of this school year.

“Field trips at school, things like that. When we go to Six Flags, if she wants a souvenir, she has to bring her card,” Moss said.

She’s also learning how to put her money to use to help others.

“I really have been talking about how I want to give stuff to homeless people. I want to buy food for them and clothes and stuff like that,” White said.

White may be a nine-year-old who owns stock in Disney, but she’s also a normal kid.

“I also want to buy things for myself too. I want to buy myself new shorts because I am starting to run low on them.”

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