North Augusta woman’s dog attacked by fox: ‘Literally nightmares are made out of it’

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 7:13 PM EDT
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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - Concerns are circulating around a North Augusta neighborhood after two fox attacks in less than 12 hours. It happened in the Hammond Hills neighborhood. That’s where the department of public safety says both a man and dog were bit by a fox.

The fox attacks happened in a neighborhood off Crest View Drive. Allie Bentley says she was laying in bed this morning when she heard a weird noise just before seven o’clock.

“I just thought there was a bird or something outside,” said Bentley.

But Allie Bentley says the sound was nothing like any bird she’d ever heard before.

“Literally nightmares are made out of it. It sounded like a goose quacking or like a weird honking noise but it was like a bark. I can’t even begin to replicate it,” she said.

Bentley’s dog Junebug went to go check it out. Then Bentley heard a very different sound: Her 80 pound German short haired pointer was in trouble.

“Next thing I heard was my dog barking and it sounded like she was getting into a scuffle. So I went outside and there was a fox like right on her tail,” she said.

Bentley and her husband got Junebug inside and called North Augusta Public Safety. It’s the second fox attack in this area in the last 24 hours. Public safety officers and the vet believe the fox was rabid.

“It charged us so we knew that something was definitely not right,” she said.

North Augusta Public Safety shot the fox and sent it off to DHEC. The Bentley’s are still waiting for DHEC to confirm if the fox was actually rabid. Luckily for them, Junebug is caught up on her rabies vaccine.

“If Junebug was not vaccinated, it would’ve been a different story that we were telling. They would’ve had to euthanize her,” she said.

Bentley says Junebug will likely have to go through a 45 day quarantine if the fox does indeed have rabies. She says she wanted to share this story to encourage everyone to get their dogs vaccinated for rabies because in this case, it saved Junebug’s life.

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