I-TEAM: Aiken County contractor arrested again for reports of unfinished pools

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 7:23 PM EDT
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AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - Arrested again, a local pool contractor at the center of an I-Team investigation is in even deeper water. Travis Taylor turned himself in after not one, not two, but three new warrants. And as our I-Team has learned Aiken County deputies aren’t the only ones taking action.

The mug shots continue to trickle in for Travis Taylor after the I-Team was flooded with photos of unfinished pools. Three more messes have now bubbled up to the surface and all three of these charges are felonies. Two are the most serious, though because according to the warrants, two families paid Taylor more than $20,000. Deputies confirm if convicted on both Taylor could face a max of 20 years in prison. The other charge could bring that total to 25 years.

Just last month before these new warrants were even issued, we showed you some of the very same problems he’s now facing in court even though these new charges are just a drop in the bucket.

“Sigh. I’m trying to brace myself for a total loss,” said the alleged victim.

Taylor had a bond hearing in June for a different set of charges relating to pools. When we started digging we found a long list of people who said he left them high and dry and they’re not all recent.

The I-Team uncovered a report with an incident dating back to August of 2019.

Taylor’s first pool arrest didn’t come until 648 days later on May 30th of this year but it doesn’t look like he’ll be starting any more pools. According to these new warrants, this month Aiken County “Revoked his ability to obtain a permit and construct pools in Aiken County.” These new documents go so far as to accuse Taylor of a “Scheme to defraud” citing “Multiple incidents” where he receives money for work and does not complete the job.

Deputies now making it crystal clear this alleged scheme has dried up.

The I-Team did some checking and Travis Taylor is not a licensed pool contractor in South Carolina but he doesn’t have to be. As it stands now the law only requires a license for commercial pool builders or ones who build pools at places like hotels. Some state lawmakers tried to change that earlier this year but the bill didn’t pass. Because it’s a two-year session they could always take it up again in 2022.

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