More violence in Aiken County: Woman, man slain in shootings

Published: Jul. 15, 2021 at 6:17 AM EDT|Updated: Jul. 15, 2021 at 11:23 AM EDT
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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - A man was killed in Graniteville and a woman was fatally shot in the head outside North Augusta in apparently unrelated shootings amid an uptick in violent crime that’s raised concerns in Aiken County.

The Graniteville shooting claimed the life of 26-year-old Joccoui Jackson, who was pronounced dead on the scene at a home on Aiken Road from at least one gunshot wound. Jackson will be autopsied Saturday morning in Newberry.

Hours later, another shooting was reported shortly before 7:15 a.m. Thursday in the 400 block of Audubon Circle in the Belvedere/Clearwater area, the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office said.

Rebekah M. Clark, 28, suffered at least one gunshot wound to the head in a drive-by shooting and was rushed to a hospital by emergency medical crews. She was pronounced dead at 6:15 p.m.

Clark will be autopsied in Newberry. The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is continuing with the investigation.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office said the address is known for drug activity, and the agency has been to the address 64 times for assorted reasons.

However, there’s no indication the shooting was related to illegal drugs.

People in the neighborhood say a lot of older people live there and it’s a relatively quiet area — but they do know a lot of people travel up and down this street for that house

We don’t know yet whether there’s a common thread between the latest shootings in Aiken County, but deputies don’t believe they’re gang-related.

The Graniteville shooting victim was discovered after deputies were dispatched around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday to meet with medical staff at Aiken Regional Medical Center who were treating a gunshot victim. That victim was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening and later released from the hospital.

But after learning of the shooting incident, deputies went to 340 Aiken Road to investigate the scene. That’s where they found Jackson lying on the floor just inside the front doorway with an apparent gunshot wound.

Crime outbreak in Aiken County

The shootings come a week after a couple of other incidents in Aiken County — a fatal shooting in the 800 block of Dillon Avenue and a shootings that injured three people at 598 Pine Log Road — sparked a discussion about what can be done to turn back the tide.

After those shootings, Aiken County Sheriff’s Office deputies told News 12 they are in the community working to cut down violent crime, but those numbers are still on the rise.

Local gun violence activists are calling for something to change. Aiken County deputies say they don’t have a gang task force and they’re seeing an increase in gang activity.

“We do have a coordinated effort between us, other local agencies, and using those available resources to try to investigate all of these crimes that are occurring,” said Capt. Eric Abdullah of the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

Right now, deputies say they have no programs or initiatives focused on helping young kids with gun violence but are working on trying to get something started.

This was the scene on the morning of July 15, 2021, on Audubon Circle in Aiken County as...
This was the scene on the morning of July 15, 2021, on Audubon Circle in Aiken County as authorities investigated the shooting of a woman.(WRDW)

“Anybody who has any suggestions that will help our community or law enforcement in investigating these cases, we would like them to come forward,” said Abdullah.

He urged people to come forward and offer help to try and make the community a safer place.

“When we have people stand up and say enough is enough this is the case that we’re trying to develop is to ensure that folks ... we need you,” he said.

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