Conversations look to curb Richmond County gun violence

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 7:18 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Conversations about gun violence are underway between the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and our community. Law enforcement sat down this week with local activists to talk about ways to curb the number of shootings we’re seeing in our area.

This whole conversation started because of the story we did two weeks ago about the rise in gun violence in Richmond County. Now community leaders and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office are coming together to get back into the community.

It’s a feeling that’s shared throughout the community right now.

“I’m just kind of fed up with it,” said Morris Porter, Vice President of the National Action Network of the CSRA.

Frustration after we’re seeing a rise in gun violence in Richmond County. And now community leaders and law enforcement are taking a first step to reduce gun violence by starting a conversation.

“It was a very robust conversation,” he said.

One that ended with both sides saying they’re ready to do the heavy lifting to change our communities.

“We did get a commitment from the community service division to work in conjunction with us and other agencies as well to help them bridge that gap,” said Porter.

Some of the things on the table right now are gun law changes and responsible gun ownership, citizen education on safe and proper gun training, active shooting training, and pushing to have young kids interested in law enforcement jobs.

“My whole goal is to make it safe for them to be able to play on the playground free of any fear, any harm, and free of gun violence,” said Porter.

They say having town halls with the police officers and the communities they patrol will only help bridge the gap and bring the community closer together.

“We plan to keep this conversation going and we’re going to involve the communities more,” said Porter. This is just going to snowball with this conversation so we’re bringing everybody to that table.”

To help that relationship between law enforcement and the community the National Action Network is hosting a Juneteenth celebration. This is an event on educating the community on gun violence and having law enforcement there too.

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