Local medical detox program paves way to recovery

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 7:13 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - It’s an unfortunate trend troubling our area. An increase in both drug use and drug relapse. Now there are local efforts to get those numbers down.

University Health Care is partnering with a national company to bring medical detox to our area. Offering inpatient services for drugs and alcohol. A first of its kind program in our area addressing an issue on the rise.

It was an issue even before the pandemic. But now it’s a critical need.

“The pandemic is part of it, it’s accelerated it. But, it wasn’t our primary vision for the program. It started before the pandemic,” said Reyne Gallup, University Health Care System.

Reyne Gallup says the idea for this new medical detox effort started two years ago. New Vision, the company who will help admit patients, saw a need.

“We see the benefit in our community for medical detox,” said Gallup.

Drug court certainly sees a need. The judicial circuit is dealing with more and more cases of drug and alcohol abuse. Nearly double, many due to the pandemic.

“That patient has to accept the criteria to be a participant in this. It is not a service where it is court ordered. It’s a voluntary program,” said Gallup.

They would be admitted on the 10th floor at University. Treated by nurses and staff.

“Get the drugs out of their system and be able to have the withdrawal symptoms treated. They would go through the course of that program for three to five days,” said Gallup.

Experts say inpatient services can be a key resource for freeing many from addiction. It’s a controlled environment with medical professionals on hand.

A hand reached out to many offering a second chance. Both University and New Vision have talked with judge Blanchard who oversees drug court. Interesting to see how that relationship could work out. This program will start soon in the middle of July.

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