Graham raises questions on origin of COVID-19

Updated: Jun. 7, 2021 at 5:22 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - Sen. Lindsey Graham is talking about the investigation into where the coronavirus originated.

The South Carolina Republican met with reporters after touring a Premier Medical Laboratory Services in Greenville.

This comes as experts are re-examining whether COVID-19 could have come from a lab leak in Wuhan, China.

“Early on when this possibility was raised, it was shot down,” Graham said. “It was shot down heavily.”

He said anybody who suggested COVID-19 came out of the lab “was a right-wing nut.”

He said “the voices that raised concern about the lab leak were silenced,” and he hopes to have hearings to learn why.

“If China doesn’t help the international community and cooperate with the international community about where the virus came from, we will sanction them until they do,” Graham said. “I don’t trust China. I don’t trust them to be honest with the world. It would be very devastating and embarrassing to China if this came out of a lab, not from nature. So the only way you’re going to get China to cooperate, I believe, is to put pressure on them.”

The World Health Organization has not linked the virus to the Wuhan lab.

So far, COVID has killed nearly 600,000 Americans.

That includes more than 9,700 South Carolinians and more than 20,000 in Georgia

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