Drivers now identified and charged in five-car downtown DUI crash

Updated: Jun. 7, 2021 at 7:13 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - New details in this DUI incident caught on camera. Chaos along Broad Street as this white Jeep Patriot drives off from the scene of one crash only to hit several more cars just about a block away.

Those two people have now been identified as Paola Quesada-Elizondo and Anthony Holcomb. The woman is charged with making an improper turn and driving without a license. While Holcomb is charged with DUI, leaving the scene, and driving too fast for conditions. Though charged neither suspect was ever booked into jail leaving witnesses and victims asking why.

Deputies say Anthony was not taken to jail due to medical concerns but we know he also was not taken to the hospital. Our sources tell us for liability purposes, the jail won’t accept people who have been in an accident where the airbags deployed.

Damage to not one, not two, but at least five cars after Anthony Holcomb reportedly hopped in the driver’s seat of his Jeep Patriot and drove off when Paola Quesada-Elizonda crashed it.

“You ran off because you thought you was going to get away. But God stopped you in your tracks,” said Jostavian Solsberry, a man whose cousin’s car was hit.

Holcomb and Quesada-Elizondo are both charged with various traffic offenses.

Hugo Ramos the driver of one of the cars, hit in the second crash is also charged with making an improper turn.

“He’s responsible. He made the mistake. He should be responsible for paying all our vehicles, because we did everything correct. We were following the law and it should not be on us,” said Hugo Ramos.

The people involved tell us they don’t think the situation was handled appropriately.

“It just appalled me that he was free the whole time. He wasn’t in cuffs,” said Shaquana McCutchen, a woman whose friend’s car was hit. “It was as though he was the victim in this whole thing.”

Deputies also told us all information about the driver was given out to all parties involved. But only one person out of the four cars that were hit say they were given Anthony Holcomb’s name.

“When I asked the police officers what I needed to do, they told me nothing and to go home, and I’ll find out everything I needed today. I still haven’t heard anything,” said Megan Collins, a woman whose car was hit.

Megan Collins was given a piece of paper.

“I was given nothing. I was told to walk away before they made my night worse,” said Kaben Holmes, a woman whose car was hit.

While new information about the charges bring some feelings of justice those whose cars are gone feel it’s not enough.

“We’re all just victims in somebody else’s poor choices and here we are,” said Ramos.

Deputies say even though they weren’t taken to jail Anthony and Paola will still need to go to court and pay up just like anyone else charged with a crime.

People on social media were wondering if Anthony has some sort of relative or connection to the police department and maybe that’s why he didn’t have to go to jail?

We asked the department that and they said he is not related to any deputies and had no connection to any of the deputies at the scene. A source says the jail does not accept people who has been in an accident where the airbags deploy.

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