Deadline approaching for S.C. residents claiming unemployment benefits

Published: May. 4, 2021 at 1:16 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce says anyone receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits have to show proof of being employed, self-employed or had planned employment to continue receiving assistance.

SCDEW spokesperson Heather Biance says this was announced earlier this year under the new government administration.

She says when the pandemic first began, showing proof of work was not a requirement because they were trying to get money to people as soon and easily as possible.

“We want people to understand, if you were maybe receiving PUA benefits in January only or January and February, but you went back to work or maybe you became disqualified for some other reason for PUA benefits and you’re no longer receiving it now, but you did after December 27th, for any period of time, you still have to comply with this federal requirement,” Biance said.

Under this new federal requirement, Biance says they will have to turn off benefits and establish an over payment on anyone’s account who does not update this section online.

For some, this may only require one document. Biance says people can show is their last W2, a business license through a state or federal tax return if they are self-employed, of if they had planned employment before May 5 that was put off or cancelled because of the pandemic, applicants can show that. It can be uploaded at SCDEW’s website.

Biance says there are currently about 32,000 claimants who still have not done this. She says according to the last reported claim week two weeks ago, 112,000 people were receiving benefits in South Carolina. However, the 32,000 includes people who may no longer be drawing benefits, but were at some point this year.

Biance says benefits could stop as early as next week for people who do not comply.

Those who need computer access to so this, can go to an SC Works location in the Lowcountry. Applicants do have to make an appointment which can be done on SC Works Trident’s website.

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