Small pharmacies reopening their doors for Johnson & Johnson vaccinations

Published: Apr. 27, 2021 at 5:50 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Now that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is back in the mix some of our smaller, local pharmacies are getting back in the vaccine business.

Several smaller pharmacies that only carry the Johnson and Johnson shot are once again opening up their doors for vaccinations. But just because they can give the shot will people trust getting it?

Some health experts were pretty concerned when vaccinations paused. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is the only option to reach many communities. So for some, there’s a sense of relief for others anxiety.

Its been a rollercoaster couple of weeks for Parks Pharmacy.

“We had appointments scheduled that day, so we had to call everybody,” said Jonathan Drew from Parks Pharmacy.

Drew says they planned to vaccinate about 40 people the day the CDC paused Johnson and Johnson vaccinations. But instead came phone calls and protocols.

“We had to separate all of those doses. We keep those doses separate anyways, so we had to mark them for quarantine and put them in a separate place,” said Drew.

The green light is back on and appointments are already scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

“I think the demand will be a little bit less as more people are already vaccinated anyways,” said Drew.

Dr. Stephen Goggans, director of the District Health Department, says they are planning a Johnson and Johnson vaccination day for this Saturday.

“There has always been a group of folks who really want Johnson and Johnson,” said Dr. Goggans.

His team is busy prepping new waivers and forms.

“It does give information about the low-risk, but the risk of these types of clots,” he said.

Dr. Goggans says he is relieved the vaccine is back available. It’s key to meeting the needs in rural areas.

“With a mobile team, you have to take a group out to a place with Johnson and Johnson you can make one trip and get the folks there fully vaccinated,” said Dr. Goggans.

And as vaccine hesitancy remains an issue some see it as hope back on the market. There are still appointments available and they plan to give around 300 shots. If you want to sign up for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine day you can sign up on the DPH website or call 706-667-4329.

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