Here’s where you can see Augusta’s new storm drain murals

There's a lot going in downtown Augusta when it comes to the arts of all kinds. Just take a look.
Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 11:59 AM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - If you’re wondering where you’ll be able to see Augusta’s new storm drain murals, we have answers.

As part of a project by the Greater Augusta Arts Council on behalf of the city of Augusta, artists were chosen to design and paint sidewalk murals at 12 downtown Augusta locations.

The theme is “It All Flows Into the Savannah,” in an effort to raise awareness and educate people about stormwater pollution.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council says, “When it rains, storm water runs over pavement, sidewalks, and yards picking up oil, litter, yard waste, chemicals, and other pollutants. The polluted storm water then flows down storm drains and through storm water pipes, which empty directly into our local creeks, streams, and rivers without treatment.”

Painting was scheduled to begin April 5 and last through the week of the Masters Tournament.

The following designs were chosen for the 12 storm drains in this project:

  • ”To Savannah,” by Lexi White (Augusta Common northeast)
  • ”Up the River,” by Cyndy Epps (Augusta Common southwest)
  • ”Not Enough Hands,” by Tim McSherry (Telfair Street near the municipal building)
  • ”Water Is Life,” by Ansleigh Davis (Reynolds Street near Eighth Street Plaza)
  • ”Stallings Island,” by Alyssa Beck (Telfair Street near the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art)
  • ”Rubber Ducky,” by Si-Long Chen (Broad Street and Eighth Street)
  • “Reflections,” by Kaya Dunn (near 954 Broad St.)
  • ”The Great Blue,” by Colleen Beyer-Stewart (Seventh Street at Broad Street)
  • ”Drain to Savannah,” by Nong Von Buedingen (1051 Broad St.)
  • ”Fish and Tadpoles,” by Ruby and Wes Childers (Broad Street near the Richmond County Board of Education)
  • ”It All Flows Into the Savannah,” by Geena Zinkand (11th Street at Ellis, near Soultry Sounds)
  • ”Save the Drain for the Rain,” by Art Abdon (Greene Street near the Jessye Norman School of the Arts)
Storm drain mural project

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