Veteran brings his mission for PTSD awareness to Georgia

Stephen Meyers has walked 200 miles in the last week. He took a 150 mile detour just to stop in...
Stephen Meyers has walked 200 miles in the last week. He took a 150 mile detour just to stop in Savannah. (Source: WTOC)(WRDW)
Published: Mar. 22, 2021 at 10:09 AM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. - An Army veteran is walking across the country to raise awareness against post-traumatic stress disorder.

His walks started in February of last year after the death of his grandfather.

While he walks in the states, he meets with organizations to spread healthier ways of coping with the traumatic experiences.

So far, he has walked over 1,600 miles in Tennessee, Kansas and most of Georgia.

While in Georgia, he took a 1500mile detour just to stop in Savannah.

Meyers says he began walking after the death of his grandfather and eventually made the decision to walk across the country. He uses his experience as an Army veteran to meet with different people and organizations to talk about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and coping skills.

Meyers began his journey in February 2020 in Kansas City, Mo. He walked through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky but had to stop due to the spread of COVID-19. He then continued walking again in August traveling through states like Tennessee, Alabama and most of Georgia.

After recovering from foot surgery, he is now back on track. Saturday marks the seventh day of his walk to help those who may be suffering.

“Each one of us knows someone that is suffering in silence and I really want to reach out to them. I know the things that they’ve gone through. I myself am a combat veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress so I’ve been out there talking with people, war veterans, survivors of rape, child abuse, horrific car accidents or even the death of a loved one,” said Meyers.

His next stop is Jacksonville, Fla. You can learn more about his travels at

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