Empanada crawl brings a taste of Dominican Republic to CSRA

La Taberna Dominicana in Martinez is set to host an empanada crawl to bring a taste of the Dominican culture to the CSRA.
Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 11:13 AM EST
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MARTINEZ, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of La Taberna Dominicana, chances are you’ve had one of its famous empanadas made by La Tia de empanada — the aunt of empanadas.

“She makes empanadas from scratch with flour, oil, sugar, a little bit of salt and that’s about it,” said co-owner and manager Andre Walker.

All of them are handmade with precision and seasoned to perfection.

“So we have Dominican oregano, we have our adobo, chicken bouillon, we have lemons that we season with, onions red and white,” Walker said.

And deep fried to a crisp.

Walker said it doesn’t stop there; you can have them filled with anything.

“Fill it with whatever you want. Cream cheese, guava, chicken and cheese, jalapeños, bacon — we even have a cheeseburger one,” Walker said.

“We normally sell beef, chicken and cheese empanadas, and one day I sort of just got creative. I put cheesecake in one, chicken and cheese, and people went crazy for it.”

If you’re not sold on trying one yet, Walker said throughout the weekend, they’re hosting an empanada crawl with 250 different types of empanadas.

“We’re going to reposition everything into an actual maze so people can walk through with their plates and fill it up with empanadas and keep going,” Walker said.

They’ll be giving Augusta and the CSRA a taste of something a little different.

“We have so many Hispanic festivals, Arts in the Heart, so now actually bringing the Dominicans into it, as well,” Walker said. “It’s like we’re sort of introducing ourselves to the community. They get to really step into Dominican culture.”

Walker said the business has been open for about a year and they plan to keep going for many more years to come — one bite at a time.

Walker said they’re also hosting the crawl as a way to promote a new business they’re adding on to La Taberna called Empandalicious.

He said it should take two months to get new business up and running.

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