Augusta University to use $3.2 million for cyber students’ program tuition

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 6:23 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Augusta University has been chosen as one of only six colleges nationwide to receive a major government grant for their cyber students.

It’s worth $3.2 million, and all of it will go towards cyber students’ tuition for up to three years. And however long they use that scholarship, is how long those students will have to work in government cybersecurity after graduation.

A win for the students and a win for Augusta.

“It’s a prestigious grant to receive,” Dr. Michael Nowatkowski with the AU School of Computer and Cyber Sciences said. “Part of the grant is for every year of support, the students are required to work for the government in some form, assisting with cybersecurity,”

It’s a program that can attract students to the area, and keep them here after graduation.

“We’re also partnering with Clark-Atlanta University, trying to bring students from the Atlanta area here to Augusta,” Nowatkowski said. “They could graduate from this program and go work out at Fort Gordon for instance.”

The five-year grant provides enough money to fully fund 55 student years of cybersecurity education and offers stipends for them to participate in research projects and network with cyber professionals.

“It also allows us to offer the scholarships to a more diverse student population as well. To attract some of the underrepresented population, try to get them more involved in cybersecurity for our nation,” Nowatkowski said.

It’s all part of the overall effort to expand our local cyber footprint -- one student at a time.

Dr. Nowatkowski says the school is hoping to open those scholarship applications soon and start giving them out when school starts in the fall.

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