Columbia County schools getting ready for post-holiday teacher shuffle

Published: Dec. 15, 2020 at 6:30 PM EST
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EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - With so much excitement for the holidays and a break, some families in Columbia County will have to adjust after schools start again.

Some students will get new teachers, and it’s not the first time for some of them. We spoke to Columbia County school officials about the great teacher shuffle and how they’re alleviating stress when students return.

“It’s going to be a smooth transition, I have no doubt about that,” said Michele Sherman, assistant superintendent of schools in Columbia County.

Some students might see a new face when they log on or are greeted at the door. It’s a side effect of allowing students to change learning models.

“So sometimes I have to take a learn from home teacher and put them in a traditional model,” Sherman said. “And we have to redistribute the students in the traditional model so that the classes are not overloaded.”

Most of the students impacted are elementary schoolers. The district says nearly 2,000 elementary school children have switched to in-person learning since August.

“And it’s not just that, we have new kids coming in,” Sherman said. “Throughout the year, our numbers -- we continue to grow.”

Eighty-one new elementary students have enrolled since the school year began, but they say they’ve got the process down to make things easier for new and existing students.

“We have streamlined how they communicate with parents. We’ve streamlined the actual learning platform itself, so that you’re not learning one way with one teacher, and another way with another teacher,” Sherman said. “We’re having meet-and-greets, virtual meet-and-greets, for the parents and teachers.”

Columbia County school officials say switching models will not be accommodated after this third nine weeks of school starts. So that means if your teacher is changing over holiday break, they’ll be your teacher until the end of the school year.

They hope it’ll make things a little more stable for students as they wrap up.

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