‘I could save your life; could you save mine?' Friend, strangers give CPR to save man

Published: Oct. 7, 2020 at 6:22 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - This story is all about the bond of friendship, and how far a friend will go when it really matters. It’s also a chance for one of them to say thanks to a friend and a bunch of helpful strangers.

Curtis Boseman and Ronnie Johnson have covered a lot of miles over the years. They grew up together, not too far away from the Greeneway where they still walk together.

“Anywhere from 3-5 miles. However we feel," Johnson said. “Well, we go Monday, Wednesday and Friday -- try to. If the gym’s not available, we walk on this track."

“Me and Ron’s been together what seems like forever. Practically it is forever,” Boseman said.

But one of their walks a few weeks ago nearly ended their lifelong friendship.

“That day, it was a normal day. We were just walking, and that’s it,” Boseman said. “He said I called his name twice and that was it. I hit the ground. I was gone."

Out of the blue during a six-mile walk, Curtis dropped to the ground.

“He was in mid-sentence talking about something, all of a sudden it was ‘Ron, Ron’ and he grabbed my shoulder. I looked over and his eyes were rolled up in his head and glassed over,” Johnson said. “I eased him down to the ground. I looked up and down the trail to see if anybody was around, and I saw a bicycle coming that way, so I started CPR.”

It was just one guy on a bicycle who called for help. But Ronnie kept working on Curtis until he was exhausted. But when he looked up again -- he saw something amazing.

“We had people lining up to help to give CPR. A policeman showed up, a pre-med doctor showed up. There were people standing in line to help,” Johnson said.

People taking turns, trying to save his friend’s life.

“So, we worked on him until EMTs got here and took him to the hospital. And thank goodness, he’s alive,” Johnson said.

“In the hospital, Ron told me about the amount of people who lined up to work on a perfect stranger. That made me feel good. There’s hope after all,” Boseman said.

Curtis said later on, some of them even called him in the hospital to make sure he was okay. One of them talked about something she saw on television.

“You did a segment on CPR. I think it was titled: ’I could save you; could you save me?” Curtis said.

It caused that woman and a lot of others to learn CPR.

“When she came upon me and saw Ron and the people working on me, she got right in line and says you’re echoing in her head -- ‘I can save you- can you save this guy?’ Those were her exact words.”

A lifelong friendship, that just grew a lot stronger.

“I mean I would do the same for him in a heartbeat,” Boseman said.

And for all of those people who lined up to help a stranger, and for all of you who decided to sign up to learn CPR: we know it works because Curtis is living proof.

And the American Heart Association can get you trained even during a pandemic.

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