56,000 acres of public land to hunt this fall around Clarks Hill

If you’re needing public land to hunt this fall, the Corps, GA DNR, and SC DNR have 56,000 acres to choose from around Clarks Hill Lake.
Published: Oct. 1, 2020 at 10:52 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 2, 2020 at 2:00 AM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Sometimes it can be tough to find public land to hunt on, but luckily we have thousands of acres to choose from around Clarks Hill Lake. “Incorporation all together, across the whole lake we got about 56,000 acres with the Georgia DNR and South Carolina DNR”, says Evan Brashier, a conservation biologist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers J. Strom Thurmond.

All state regulations apply for hunting corps land, but you do not need a special permit outside of a valid state hunting license and proper tags. If you’re hunting a wildlife management area then you will need a WMA tag if the state requires it, but no special tags are required for corps land.

Information is provided below with maps, links and all the information you need to stay legal. Important things to remember are no permanent tree stands, wear orange, and no baiting is allowed on federal land. There is also other obvious rules like no hunting near a recreation area or parks.

The corps along with DNR actively manage these properties through prescribed burns, timber harvest, and food plot management.

The below information on public land use around Clarks Hill Lake was provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

Hunting at J. Strom Thurmond Lake Project General Hunting Info

Corps Management Units:

• SC Units

o Hawe Creek CMU – 1436 Acres o Dordon Creek CMU – 1464 Acres o Catfish Peninsula CMU – 1335 Acres o Modoc Shores CMU – 210 Acres

o Modoc CMU – 361 Acres o Scotts Ferry CMU – 454 Acres o Below Dam, SC CMU – 452 Acres

• GA Units


o **Below Dam GA CMU – 329 Acres** (See CMU Special Posted Regulations for details) o Lake Springs CMU – 239 Acres o Ridge Road West CMU – 692 Acres

o Rousseau Creek CMU – 665 Acres


o Arimathea CMU – 192 Acres N/A o Bethany Church CMU – 652 Acres N/A

o **Bussey Point CMU – 2384 Acres** (See CMU Special Posted Regulations below for details)

o Cherokee Creek CMU – 499 Acres o Cherokee Quarry CMU – 105 Acres N/A o Dozier Branch CMU – 383 Acres

o Dry Fork Creek CMU – 469 Acres o Fishing Creek CMU – 130 Acres N/A o Gresham Park CMU – 182 Acres N/A o Greys Creek CMU – 629 Acres

o Hesters Ferry CMU – 461 Acres o Holloway Landing CMU – 461 Acres o Lloyd Creek CMU – 1208 Acres o Mill Creek CMU – 702 Acres

o Murry Creek CMU – 1597 Acres o Newford Creek CMU – 794 Acres o Pistol Creek CMU – 1151 Acres o Shriver Creek CMU – 649 Acres

o Soap Creek CMU – 396 Acres o Wells Creek CMU – 740 Acres


o Coody Creek CMU – 432 Acres

o Morrahs CMU – 207 Acres N/A • *^Please note other Corps Land (Non-WMA & CMU) exists in GA and SC, Timber Management, Wildlife Management, and hunting of these tracks are limited due to access, but are still open to public for hunting purposes^*

CMU Special Posted Regulations:

• Title 36 CFR- Rules and Regulations Governing Public Use of Corps Land Resources


• Hunters must possess a valid hunting license and permits for the state in which they are hunting.

• Private land hunting regulations apply, unless posted otherwise

o GA:

o SC:

• Permit Required Activities

o Hunting of Feral Hogs and Coyotes on CMU areas or other Corps land, outside of regular hunting seasons is permitted in GA / SC through a corps permit available by calling 864- 333-1159.

o Trapping on CMU areas or other Corps land, is permitted in GA / SC through a corps permit available by calling 864-333-1159.

• All Corps group lease areas, campgrounds and day use areas of the project are designated “no hunting areas”. Appropriate signage will be noted.

• Baiting is prohibited on all CMU and existing Corps lands. Bait: corn, wheat, other grains, salts, apples, and other feed that has been placed, exposed, deposited, distributed, or scattered so as to constitute a lure, attraction, or enticement to game animals or game birds.

• Tree stands cannot be permanent (No tree spikes, nails, tower stands, etc.) and must be removed at seasons end.

• Archery only areas exist on CMUs and other Corps land, they are designated by signage and maps can be found online.

• **Bussey Point CMU** o No hunting of any kind, excepted for Special Hunts (See Special Hunt Section).

• **Below Dam GA CMU** o No Quail hunting allowed. Deer, Small Game, Hog, and Dog Training are allowed.

• A SC/GA WMA permit is not required to hunt CMU areas and other Corps land, but is required for hunting SC/GA wildlife management areas (leased lands) on Corps property, all parcels are designated with signage and orange paint. Corps Management Unit Special Hunts:

• Bussey Point Muzzleloader Hunt (Non-Quota) o The Corps hosts 3 sets of (Friday & Saturday) muzzleloader deer hunts annually (October, November & December) at Bussey Point Corp Management Unit, located in Lincoln County, Georgia. These hunts are to maintain the deer population within the carrying capacity, trophy opportunity, and to improve the quality of the herd. This beautiful 2,545-acre peninsula is intensively managed thru timber harvest, prescribed burning, and food plots. o All hunts are limited to 100 hunters per day. This hunt is a non – quota hunts. Hunters will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Hunters must check in through the check station located at the entrance gate. Hunting hours run from one hour before sunrise through one hour after sundown. o Hunters must be licensed in accordance with existing Georgia Game and Fish Regulations. A Wildlife Management Area (WMA) license is not required for these hunts. Licenses will be inspected and collected along with vehicle tag number. Licenses will be returned at check out. Officials will strictly enforce all state regulations and bag limits. o Archery and Muzzleloader are the only firearms allowed and dates are TBA via news release on web page. The bag limit / antler restrictions are TBA via news release on web page. News Release covering Dates and info are released by July.

Corps Leased State WMA Lands:


o Dove Fields

▪ Parksville Fields – 22 Acres

▪ Plum Branch Fields – 30 Acres

▪ Bordeaux Fields – 40 Acres

o Waterfowl Areas

▪ Russell Creek – 60 Acres

o Other specified Hunting Areas

▪ McCormick County – Unnamed WMA Lands – 9934 Acres Land & 313 Acres Water

▪ Abbeville County – Unnamed WMA Lands – 50 Acres


o Dove Fields

▪ Clarks Hill Fields – 24 Acres

▪ Lower Broad River Fields – 15 Acres

o Waterfowl Areas

▪ Fishing Creek – 37 Acres

o Other specified Hunting Areas

▪ Clarks Hill WMA – 12395 Acres Land & 4170 Acres Water

▪ Fishing Creek WMA – 2058 Acres Land

▪ Germany Creek WMA – 1117 Acres Land & 284 Acres Water

▪ Keg Creek WMA – 893 Acres Land

▪ Lower Broad River WMA – 1342 Acres Land

▪ Soap Creek WMA – 1165 Acres Land

WMA Special Rules / Regulations:

• Wildlife Management Area hunting regulations

o GA:

o SC:

• A SC/GA WMA permit is required to hunt WMA acres. These lands are designated with signage and orange paint.

o Maps of State WMAs can be found in the link below.

▪ GA:

▪ SC:

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