After hospital release, injured Richmond County deputy thanks community

Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 4:16 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - It’s been eight days since Deputy Keith Inman was released from the hospital, and he says despite a long recovery ahead, his mindset couldn’t be any better.

He says it’s the community he has to thank for that.

Inman says he doesn’t remember anything from the accident. He says his first memory is waking up in the hospital, with his wife, Megan, next to him.

Inman says he suffered some external bumps and scrapes and internal bruising. He also says he fractured some facial bones.

All things considered, he says he was incredibly lucky, considering when he came to the hospital, he was in critical condition.

“You always know the dangers there. You always know that. It takes a very special person to do that job knowing that it’s there and then after it happened, I try to keep a very positive mindset of ‘I will be better,’” Inman said. “I will get better.”

To say recovery has been easy just wouldn’t be realistic.

“I lost a little bit of weight. I just have some internal injuries, bruising and stuff like that,” Inman said.

But -- keeping a positive mindset? He says that’s been a piece of cake.

“People coming out of nowhere I don’t even know. Just helping, praying, offering assistance, checking up on me,” Inman said.

Deputy Inman and Megan are both understand the dangers of the job and know it just comes with the territory.

So they say -- understanding the dangers of the job, just comes with the territory.

“We talk about it on a daily basis. What would happen to either one of us and how we would take care of the kids and the choices that we would have to make and stuff like that,” Megan said.

But knowing it could happen, doesn’t make it any easier when it does.

“It’s never really like the movies,” Megan said. “Everything’s normal and then all of a sudden, it’s not normal anymore.”

And perhaps it’s that sense of awareness, that leaves Deputy Inman with no ill-will towards Kaylon Smith who was denied bond after dragging Inman across a gas station parking lot with his car.

“I was doing my job and he made a choice,” Inman said. “And it led to what it led to, but I don’t any hostility towards him.”

“He has his life ahead of him, and I have my life ahead of me.”

For now, Keith and Megan work towards new goals every day.

“I push him,” Megan said. “He might not be happy with me every day, but I push him.”

Still, they carry smiles with each other as they travel down a long road to recovery.

Inman’s family and friends believe if it weren’t for his physical fitness and tall and heavy stature, his outcome may not have been so lucky. Megan says he was sedated for the first 8 days in the hospital.

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