Track your bus and ease the fuss with apps for CSRA students

Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 5:39 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - It’s starting to get colder outside, and it seems like the rain never stops in the CSRA. So, having an extra tool to help get your kids to school might make mornings a little easier.

A great tool for parents an app to track your child’s school bus, and now, both Richmond and Columbia County districts have them.

“There’s a lot of balancing acts. We do have dairy goats, the 7-year-old actually assists in the milking goats. So, in the morning, he’s going out, he’s getting ready, milking goats. I’m in the house, trying to balance everything else,” Em Cocke, a Columbia County mom of five, said.

When we caught up with Em Cocke using Columbia County’s new bus app, Edulog Parent Portal Lite, the CSRA was experiencing some serious rain and flooding. But even on good weather days, she says the app has its perks.

“A lot of times in the morning, it helps keep the pace so that we can keep him focused,” Cooke said.

And it also provides a little entertainment on the side.

“The kids love looking at the app, and seeing the little yellow school bus, and seeing it move,” Cooke said.

Parents can find a full tutorial on how to get started online.

“They go to our Columbia County website, which is And there are five steps to load this app on your phone, and you have to get a code from your school,” Allen Connor, Director of Transportation for CCSS, explained.

And not to mention there are safety benefits too, which can make parents feel even more at ease with sending their kids back to the classroom.

“Being able to track when our kids are getting off the bus when we should expect them at the bus stop, I think that’s the best, the best thing I’ve noticed. Just being able to keep track of my kids,” Cocke said.


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