Golf course foreclosure is ‘breath of fresh air’ for community hopefuls

Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 6:27 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Jones Creek Golf Course is headed for a foreclosure sale, according to the current owners’ attorney.

Over the years, lawsuits were filed but eventually dropped after flooding and drainage issues plagued the course. The owners of the course went to Columbia County after it closed, but they weren’t able to get help.

No one has played on the course for almost two years.

The old clubhouse is now a public event space and restaurant. And homeowners use the wide-open acres of the golf course for green space and walking trails.

“A breath of fresh air would be great for both the golf course, the residents and the community,” Tripp Nanney, Jones Creek HOA President, said.

Nanney says most of his neighbors would like to see the golf course brought back to life, just like the old clubhouse.

“We want to make an investment in the community and try to maintain the land around the clubhouse,” Melissa Mundy of Katerwerks Events and Hospitality said.

Katerwerks Events and Hospitality runs a restaurant and catering business out of the old clubhouse. It’s owned separately from the golf course, along with several acres around the property. They wanted to keep the facility from falling into disrepair.

“I think the golf course being purchased and opened back up again would be great for the community and great for the homeowners,” Mundy said.

It seems most everyone in the neighborhood is in favor of a new golf course. But, who will buy it?

The lienholder, Julian Saul, is putting foreclosure notice to the current owners -- JCI Investments. Now, the property will go to a foreclosure sale.

So, the lienholder could get it, or other bidders can come in and make a better offer.

But the years of lawsuits and problems -- are over.

“We’ve been in contact with a handful of interested parties from golf course development to golf course development type companies,” Nanney said. “I think the residents are breathing a sigh of relief and excited about another chapter that may be starting soon.”

The 190 acres of land here will be up for sale on October 6.

The HOA says they are expecting another golf course development group to buy it.

News 12 did speak with the current owners’ attorney. They did not want to comment in the story.

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