Greenbrier’s Shugarts looking to impress all around the field

Published: Aug. 20, 2020 at 11:39 PM EDT
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EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Recruitment is always a difficult process and it's been made even more difficult by COVID. Recruitment dead periods have lasted through the summer and many potential recruits haven't been able to visit campuses.

That hasn't stopped Greenbrier's Beau Shugarts from picking up seven offers, his most notable at the Air Force Academy.

Some of those offers have him going as a lineman, some as a tight end and even as a half back. It's a wide range of positions and the pack have him acting as such this season. Shugarts also wrestles and plays lacrosse, something that he credits with his athleticism and with helping him stand out in the recruiting pack. The crossover is also helping him succeed in his role this season.

"My number one goal is to do my job, jack somebody up, and make sure the running back has his best chance to get into the endzone," said Shugarts.

He hopes that being able to move around will give the Wolfpack an offensive advantage this season. Teams will often try to game plan or play around a team’s strength, but Beau’s ability to play in multiple positions and line up in different areas could pose a challenge to opposing defensive coordinators.

"I think that's what helps get me offers at a lot of different positions because you can plug me anywhere and I'm just a threat. Makes me happy we can get some people on their heels and get them a little confused."

Greenbrier is also playing in a new region, but they'll still keep Columbia County rivalries alive. Winning those is the current goal for Shugarts.

“Before we go into the region, I want to say we got Columbia County. We won Columbia County. Then after region, I want to say we’re region champs. So whenever region comes, region comes, but I like to take it one game at a time because it’s the only game you have control over right now.”

The Wolfpack’s season kicks off on September 11th with a non-region matchup against Harlem.

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