Local 10-year-old ‘phenom’ climbs youth golf ranks

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 6:57 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Golf is fairly new to the Perez family, but who knew that picking up a new hobby would lead to the birth of a potential golf prodigy.

Miguel Perez was finishing his time in the military and bought a club to pick up a new hobby.

“My papa was in the garage, and there was a Ping two-iron laying around. I saw it, and picked it up and started swinging, and ever since I fell in love with the game.”

And before he knew it, Miguel had a new buddy for his new hobby: his 2-year-old son, Xeve.

“I kind of became his golf instructor until I got to find out that his skills were much better than mine, so I had to get somebody professional to do it,” Miguel said.

So, when Xeve was three, they met Chip Deason, a former professional golfer who spent more than 20 years on tour.

“I see this little kid come up, tagging along with his dad, I had to go introduce myself,” Deason said. “He already had the fundamentals down. He was just like a little tour player. You could see he was going to be good.”

But they didn't know how good. Xeve joined the U.S. Kids Tour when he was only five, and he dominated.

“I racked up about 39 wins straight,” Xeve said.

And now, he has more than 300 wins in his life, most of them coming against kids older than he is. At 10 years old, he’s playing in the 12 to 14 age group. The rankings recently came out for the year, and there’s Xeve sitting at the top.

“I pray to baby Jesus because, I mean, I just turned 10 and I’m playing with 14-year-olds. It always works,” he said.

Xeve is also homeschooled, so he gets to practice every day, either at the course or at his home training facility.

“He’s just a phenom. It’s crazy. It’s unlimited, his potential,” Deason, said.

It's earned him quite the comparison from his former pro coach.

“It’s a lot of what you would see when Tiger was growing up. Same type of mentality,” Deason said.

But the most impressive thing about Xeve is his attitude. With everyone singing his praises, his ego is still in check. And his dad says, that's all him.

“To him, that is being a golfer. Etiquette, and being a gentleman is part of being a golfer,” Miguel said.

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