In CSRA and elsewhere, coronavirus toll is mental as well as medical

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 6:45 AM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - About five months into the coronavirus pandemic, people are still suffering from job loss and being isolated from loved ones.

“We can’t always use the C word crazy,” said Warren Bowman Jr., who was diagnosed with bipolar mania at 20 years old.

He says he knows the struggle of battling with mental health firsthand.

“If you ever catch me talking about like I’m going to run for president or like aliens are talking to me -- conversations that are a little bit out of the norm or out of character for me ...” he said.

He says it’s OK to not be OK sometimes -- especially with the unique times we are living in today.

And after gaining control of his own mental health, he started working as a certified peer specialist being a listening ear and understanding how to approach people who come for help.

“You don’t want to say, ‘You are doing this,’ ‘You need some help’ or sometimes telling people who take psychological medication, ‘Have you took your medicine?’ can be a trigger, as well,” he said.

Bowman says the goal is to shine a brighter light on mental health awareness.

And even though there have been some budget cuts made in mental health, he says its important to create an even bigger outreach.

“It’s a lot of people out here that definitely needs the help that are afraid to speak up,” he said.

He say he not only encourages others to keep pushing, but he encourages himself every day

He says he can't look after his 13 year old daughter from a mental hospital.

“I think it would definitely break my heart if she did see me there,” he said.

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