Pandemic spurs major changes in and out of classroom

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 5:50 PM EDT
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EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - For students pulling up to school Monday, they’ll see a different scene from when they left in March.

Evans High School Principal Michael Johnson gave us a tour of his school today, and he hopes parents breathe a sigh of relief when they see the work done over the summer.

“Once we get in and get going, everyone comes in and kind of sees what we’re doing, the kids will become more relaxed with what we’re doing and get back into the swing of having school,” he said.

And it’s showing even in the floors, which newly waxed for the arrival of students and decorated with social distancing stickers.

“The stickers are just different areas we’re going around the in the building and putting them down,” Johnson said. “Like in the lunchroom line, concession stand, drink machine -- places where we know they like to, kind of, line up and be served something.”

These cafeteria tables have been marked off with tape, meaning that you can’t sit there if there’s tape on the seat. So students, if you come here to eat with your friends, you won’t be able to get close and personal.

The stickers, tape, and barriers between lunch tables are all plans Evans High School made to coincide with the existing plans from the Board of Education.

Looking at school county-wide, teachers are trained to look for COVID-19 symptoms, masks are required in the hallways, recess is staggered, and field trips are on hold for now.

But Johnson hopes all the measures the school has taken for the 800 students returning will help everyone who’s having some first day of school jitters about coming back during a pandemic.

“We hope that students feel comfortable and they don’t have that anxiety level built up, and we want parents to be comfortable too,” Johnson said.

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