COVID-19 doesn’t stop a prom for Columbia County students

Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 6:27 PM EDT
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EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - One thing Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp called for today is for young people to follow guidelines. This plea comes as crews were setting up for prom in Evans Towne Center Park.

It's happening tomorrow for all Columbia County students who would have been able to go to prom. While most students are just thinking about a good time during this pandemic, the county and parents are thinking about safety.

Kemp says groups of more than 50 people are allowed as long as they maintain social distancing. And after talking to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, they say that won’t be a problem

High school juniors and seniors in Columbia County will finally get to enjoy thier prom night, but it won't look like a normal one at all.

Social distancing must be enforced during this event.

“We’ll be assisting the prom with safety and security. We’ll be out here with deputies in uniform,” said Josh Bogdanow, sergeant at the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

The Evans Towne Center holds 1500 people, and event organizers say 950 students have registered for the event. But even with such a big crowd, the sheriff’s office says they don’t expect many problems trying to keep people apart.

“Enforcing social distancing hasn’t been too much of a challenge here in Columbia County,” Bogdanow said.

Instead of fining people who break social distancing guidelines, they've just been informing them.

“We haven’t had to issue any citations or fine anybody for not social distancing in Columbia County. We have made all types of attempts to just educate the public when we find something like that,” Bogdanow explained.

And they say they don't plan on handing out citations tomorrow. Event organizers have several measures in place to keep attendees safe.

Here's what it'll look like:

When students get there, they must complete a questioner. Then, they’ll have a temperature check. Next, they’ll be asked to sanitize their hands before enjoying the celebration.

And as far as the Ferris Wheel, students will be asked to wipe down their seats each time before getting on the ride.

Masks are not required, but they are encouraged and will be provided at check in.

Students from five different high schools will be there but event organizers are asking students only stay around the people they come in with.

In addition to police deputies, adult volunteer chaperones will be surrounding the event to monitor social distancing.

Even though 950 students registered, organizers are expecting less than that to actually be there. They say the chaperones will be in charge of keeping large groups spread out while inside the event.

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