Selected Community Events


2013 Richmond County "GhostOut"

Apr 18, 2013 Call for time

Lucy C. lLaney High School Stadium
"Medics On A Mission", sponsored by Gold Cross EMS will be performing a "GhostOut'" which is an event held to deter teens from drinking and driving ang texting driving. MOAM in coordination with local are high school SADD chapters, perform a mock traffic accident to show the causes and consequences of impaired driving. The students are also taken through a TEEN Maze where they get to experience the effects first hand through a high tech simulation device. This event is held annually around prom time since this is when traffic accidents and fatalities amongst teens are at the highest statistically. All area students,city officials, and parents are not only invited but are encouraged to attend this grand event.

Laena Stokes, EMT
MOAM Media Coordinator
email: charicestokes @