Selected Community Events


3rd Annual Augusta Zombie Walk

Oct 5, 2012 6:45pm

Springfield Village Park (12th & Reynolds downtown Augusta)
For the uninitiated, the Zombie Walk is a simple concept -- you dress up in zombie gear, lurch your way through downtown with the other zombies, and stay in character, grunting and slurring on the hunt for fresh brains and flesh. The Walk is a family-friendly event so everyone is invited!.

While zombies may defy the rules of physics, they are still citizens and thus can
and will be held legally responsible for their actions. So we ask you to keep the following Zombie Walk rules in mind.

• Remember: even if the only thing you can say is "braaaaaaains,"
it can still be held against you in a court of law.

• Any (fake!) blood you may drip on the sidewalk is considered
vandalism, and you can be held financially responsible for the
cleanup. Please do not drip blood on the sidewalks or smear it on

• Stay on the sidewalks. Not only is it dangerous to yourself and
motorists if you run out in the road or jaywalk, it's also illegal.

Do remember that the zombie walk is a family-friendly event. Lots of underage zombies were present last year, and we are expecting even more children this year. Do not show up drunk, scream obscenities, bring weapons, or attack anyone.

Lastly, please respect any police officers who may step in to cease the walk. It is their right to do so if the zombies are impeding traffic or otherwise engaging in illegal activities. It is best to follow orders and disperse quietly. After all we want to keep this event coming back each year!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in their zombie best this year

*Augusta Zombie Walk and it's organizers are not responsible for individuals or their actions while on the walk. All participants walk at their own risk.*