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Women on Paper Celebrate 5200 Wednesday (25 Years)

Event Dates and Times

Thursday, November 7th 5-7pm
Sacred Heart Cultural Center / 1301 Greene Street / Augusta, GA 30901
Art Exhibition / Opening Reception

Exhibit through December 27, 2013
This is a celebration of the individual creative spirit, encouraged by group support.
We are a group of professional women artists, known as Women on Paper, who nurture the creative urge in ourselves and each other. Our paintings are of people and places, of gardens and interiors, of landscapes and flowers, still lifes and imaginings, light and shadow. We all work on paper with watercolor, oil, gouache, pastel, collage or mixed media. Our work weaves solitary studio work with paintings resulting from group painting sessions.

Each one of us has her own visions and dreams, her own rhythm, her own song. Each contributes her own unique way of looking at the world and the support of the group encourages this special voice.
We are together as a group in purpose, but individual Women on Paper.

Women on Paper include: Karen Banker, Ingrid Hofer, Lauren Kerbelis, Lillie Morris, Nancy Schultz, Gail Smith and Caroline Swanson

Visit their website: www.womenonpaper.com
Sandra Fenstermacher,

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