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The Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre Auditions

Event Dates and Times

AUDITIONS: October 7th & 8th at 7:00 PM
The Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre
Miracle on South Division Street (the Holiday Version)

Parts for 3 Women and 1 Man

Character descriptions:

CLARA NOWAK, 60 to 70. Born in Poland but brought to the USA as an infant.
Family Matriarch, who lives (present day) in an old rundown house in
"Hydraulics"section of Buffalo, New York. There is a charmingly naive Old
World peasant air about her.

Her Children (all unmarried), in their 30s:

JIMMY NOWAK, the baby. Blue collar, knock around kind of guy. A garbage man
with a secret of his own who loves to tweak his two older sisters. Not a
dumb guy at all, but just not college material.

BEVERLY NOWAK, the eldest daughter (late 30s). Stereotypical bowling-mad
character. Frumpy. Stirs up the (family) pot.

RUTH NOWAK, the middle child (mid 30s). An aspiring actress. She is gangly,
awkward and not the type men throw themselves at, but she has an appealing
positive energy. A little classier than her brother and sister. But not by
much. Wants to turn the family story into a work of art on stage.
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