OPINION: The state of Richmond County

The following letter was sent to the Talk to 12 inbox.

I've lived in South Augusta since 1983, my wife about 65 years. We've lived on an old residential street where everyone knew each other and lived happy secure lives.

Now, two doors down from a recently retired judge, a widow's home was brutally broken into, and trashed in broad daylight. It seems that the break-in was more a personal thing rather than stealing. I understand that almost every picture she had was torn up and the house gutted. This would have been unthinkable just a few years back, but now it seems to be an everyday affair. This street has been targeted by the county as an area to move low renters or no renters to live. The widow's husband was a minister.

We see drug deals going down, old cars racing up and down the street, young guys walking pit bulls up and down the street. It looks like Dodge City now. I think the judge kept some kind of order while he was able to reside here, but now the thugs know he's gone and God help us.

And to top it off, we will now lose police protection due to budget restraints.

In my opinion, the so called leaders of our county have lost all restraint in curbing spending. I think Richmond County is a country wide leader in entitlement spending.

We are losing police protection when we need more police protection due to unchecked entitlement spending.

There was a medical doctor in Aiken in the mid 60's who was figuratively tarred and feathered and run out of town because he cared for indigent unwed mothers and when one would have more than 3 babies by three different fathers, he would "fix" the unwed mother. Even I wondered about the intelligence of the doctor at the time, but now, I can see the common sense in what he was doing.

The adage "You can't punish the children" will be the death knell of our country if something isn't done.

I know my life may end in tragedy, but as I am unable to move from this home, I will defend it to my utmost from the horror and terror that is descending here now, because of about 3 generations of uncontrolled, haphazard and unthinking breeding and full county support from birth to death of material, instant gratification, animals who couldn't care less about human life other than their own.
God Help US.

It also seems that the news media is so caught up in PC that they fear reporting these travesties. Shame on you.

What happened to investigative reporting on other than royal weddings or hot air ballooning? I am ashamed of the new America.

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