Severe Weather Survival Guide

Family Disaster Plan

Discuss with your family and relatives how you and your family will respond to any possible emergencies. Print and fill out the form below.

Determine the safest place in your home where family members can gather during severe weather. If you live in a mobile home, choose a sturdy, nearby building for your family to gather during severe weather.

Gathering Location:  

Pick a friend or relative who all family members will contact if separated. (It is easier to call out of state during an emergency than within the affected area.)

Emergency Contact's Information:  

Pick two meeting places in case of an emergency. These should include a place near your house and one outside your neighborhood in the event you cannot return home after an emergency.

Meeting Places:




Keep important documents and valuables in a safe, waterproof/fireproof place.

Documents Location:  

Put together a Disaster Supplies Kit in a clearly labeled, easy-to-grab box. See Must-Have Supplies for additional help.

Disaster Kit Location:


Write instructions on how and when to turn off your utilities such as electricity, gas and water. Teach your family members how to conduct these activities.

Utilities Shutoff Instructions:




What will you do with your pets?

Pet Plan:




If you have a boat, make arrangements to secure it whether it’s docked in a marina, or has been pulled from the water. How will I secure my boat?

Boat Plan:



Does any family member require special medical needs? What plans will I need to make for them?

Special Medical Needs Person:  
Special Medical Needs Plan:




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