Sharing and Saving News 12 Archive Video

The following instructions will help you find a story in News 12's Video Archive and either create a permalink you can share online or download a copy of the video to keep.


Use the Search Video box to find your story.

First check to see if the story you want has already been made into a clip. Type a keyword into the "OR selected clips" search box and click "Search". You can also browse through the recent stories in the olive green box to the left, or click on "VIEW MOST POPULAR" to look for it there.

If the clip you want has already been made, you will see options in the blue box to the right of the video player to link to the clip or to buy it.

If the clip you want has not already been made, you will need to search the newscast archive to find it.

If you know the date and the newscast the segment appeared in, click the Calendar icon under "OR by date", select the date, and click "LIST SHOWS". A list of all shows that aired that day will come up. Click the big green "Click to View" icon next to the newscast you want.

If you don't know the date and newscast, you can use the "by word or phrase" search. Type in a keyword that appeared in the story, like a person's name, and then change the date range if you have an idea of when the story aired. (We do not have video archives before April 10, 2008.) A list of shows containing your keyword(s) will come up. Click the big green "Click to View" icon next to the newscast you want.

Once you've clicked on the newscast your segment appeared in, the Newscast Navigator will come up. There's a slider beneath it to select a portion of the newscast, and a bar beneath that with color-coded areas. To the left of the player there's a list of restricted content (we can't show national stories/sports) and a "See Transcript" link.

Depending on how you searched, the Newscast Navigator may already be at the beginning of the story you want. If it isn't, click the "See Transcript" link and search for a word or phrase you know is mentioned in your story to find where that story was in the newscast.

Hover your mouse over the color-coded bar. A box will appear showing the closed captioning and a screenshot. Move your mouse along the bar to find the exact starting point of your story. Click there and the window will freeze. Click on "Set As Start Point." The window will disappear.

Hover your mouse over the bar again and move it along to find the end of the story. Click that point and the window will freeze. Click on "Set As End Point." The window will disappear.

Once you have set the start and end points, click the GO button to the right. The screen will reload. Watch the video to make sure the entire story plays. If you have missed a few seconds at the beginning or end, adjust the times accordingly. You can do this with the sliders, by clicking on the color-coded bar again, or by manually typing in the minutes and seconds in the "Start" and "End" boxes.

Continue changing the times and clicking "GO" until you have the exact story you want. Once you do, proceed to either "Creating a Permalink" (to share the video online) or "Purchasing a Clip" (to buy a download or DVD).

(You may end up with a few seconds of another story at the beginning or end of your clip. This is preferable to missing a few seconds of your story.)


Once you have adjusted the clip to the start and end points of the segment you want, click the "Share" icon to the right of the sliders.

If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in or create an account. You will not lose the video if you're not logged in; just click either the log in link or the create an account link and follow the instructions.

Your selected video clip will once again appear. Scroll down to Step 3 and give your clip a category and a title.

Once everything looks good, click "Submit to create permalink!" DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER. It may take a few minutes for the clip to be created. Once it's ready, the page will reload and show your clip in the main News 12 Archives area.

By doing this, you will have a free clip online that you can share with friends through email, in blogs, etc. You'll receive the link to your clip in email. It also appears on the clip preview page, towards the bottom on the right.


Once you have created a clip, you will see a "DOWNLOAD" link in the blue box next to it. Click this link to purchase the clip.

Your shopping cart will appear. Check the box next to "I have read and agree to the terms of the License Agreement", then click "Check Out".

You will be taken to PayPal, where you can submit your payment.

Next you will be taken to the Video Download Page. A table listing the newscast you picked will come up. Below that you'll see clips that have already been created. Click the little "GO" button next to any clip to download it.

A window will pop up, and your video will load in it. Wait until the blue bar fills up, and then click the X to download your video.

NOTE: If you do not see a blue bar, the sound on the video in the pop-up window is strange, or you have some other trouble with the DivX downloader, scroll to the bottom of the window for direct download links.

The system will maintain a record of your order, so you can log in again and you will still be able to download the file. When you log in, click on "My Account", and then click on the "Past Orders" tab. Click "View" next to the newscast you need video from. The Video Download Page will appear again.

When you purchase a clip, you are actually buying the entire newscast, so if at any time you want to download a different segment, you can do so by clicking "My Account" and viewing your past orders. You can also download the same clip again at any time.

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