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Golf courses, driving ranges boast booming business

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Local golf courses see an increase in business during the Masters. (April 7, 2011 / WRDW-TV)

News 12 at Six O'Clock / Thursday, April 7, 2011

AUGUSTA, Ga.-- The Augusta National is not the only busy golf spot this weekend. Country clubs and golf courses all over our area say business is swinging in full force this week. With more than 40 golf clubs and driving ranges in the area, the CSRA boasts a busy week for any business on the green.

Jen Prokosa is excited that business is booming at Wedges and Woods. "This week has been a lot better than the past years. I think a lot of it has to do with the economy, it's gotten a lot better, and we've been doing about a hundred buckets a day." She says their goal is to let people master their skills after they get the golf "itch". "They do get the fever to hit a ball! And some of them can't get into the courses so they find out about us and come to visit us, spend the day with us here."

Across the river, Woodside Plantation opens up their usually private club during Masters Week. Membership Director Aimee rusch says it's undoubtedly the busiest week of the year. "We're doing about 1,400 rounds this week, where typically we would do about 800 rounds of golf with our members. We have about 450 guests with us this week playing." And she's not just talking about American guests. A fan favorite at Woodside is the twenty-two person golf group from Mexico. Susamo Azano says they come every year. "We are going to go see the Masters next Saturday and Sunday. We think maybe Tiger Woods is returning finally and probably can win!"

Another group from Argentina is visiting a very special friend at the National Course. Marcello Lozada explains, "We're always coming with Angel- Angel Cabrera. He's our idol. A master champion. And we are expecting that he does a good job this year, too!"

"It's just unique what draws people here from all over the world," adds Aimee. "How do you find Aiken and Augusta? And it's- golf! That is the undivining term."

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