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Fans favor Phil

News 12 First at 5 / Thursday, April 7, 2011

AUGUSTA---Out at Augusta National, a lot of eyes have been looking for one name in particular on the leaderboard. Just about everyone I talked to today said it would be right for the lefty, Phil Mickelson, to win.

The first thing you notice about 12-year-old Crimson Callahan is his crimson golf wear.

"Well, I wear knickers because of Bobby Jones," Crimson says. "He was the one who created the Masters and Augusta National."

And Crimson can't believe he's here.

"When I stepped in, I knew it was going to be a life-changing experience."

He might only be 12, but this kid knows his stuff, and he's here to learn even more. Who better to teach him than one of his heroes?

"Phil, he's a lefty, which is my characteristic, and I really like him," Crimson says.

And Crimson isn't the only Phil fanatic. A patron named Molly told us, "I plan on watching Phil."

So does George Baker of Monroe, Georgia. And it's not just because he can hit the ball a mile and a half.

"He's had a lot of adversity with his arthritis, and his wife and mother-in-law both had breast cancer, and he's hung in there pretty tough," George says.

Karel Copenhaver of Augusta has noticed too. She thinks Phil has a strong swing and a strong heart.

"I think he's a very kind, familty-oriented man, and he's been through some tough times these last years, and I like his demeanor."

Crimson likes Phil's chances. Phil's coming off a win last weekend, not to mention he's the defending Masters champion. The famous lefty inspires this little lefty...who's not setting his sights on Augusta just yet.

"I'm just trying to get to the high school level," Crimson said.

He's being modest, though. I googled Crimson, and guess what? He's won the Kids Missouri State Championship, Pepsi Little People, and the Junior PGA Championship. So remember the name Crimson Callahan. A green jacket sure would look good with those knickers.

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