Doctors Hospital offers 'Masters themed therapy' for patients

AUGUSTA, Ga.-- In the spirit of Masters Week, patients at Doctors Hospital had the chance to practice their golf swing.

Rehabilitation patients usually work with weights or specialized machines to help them on the road to recovery, but this week, they're using Masters themed equipment.

Dr. Robert Harmon is the Medical Director for the Rehabilitation Unit at Doctors Hospital. He says, "The Masters week frenzy is all over Augusta."

And the frenzy has found its way from Augusta National to Doctors Hospital.

Dr. Harmon says the point of mixing up the rehabilitation routine this week is to , "Keep them [the patients] in the Masters spirit and also work on limb coordination, balance, and strengthening tasks."

All week long, patients like Jeffrey Davignon have had the chance to practice their golf swing with Masters themed therapy, including a putting green and games like Wii Golf.

Activities that are not only fun, but also help patients get back to normal, and eventually back out on the golf course.

"It's something different for them to work on to keep the training interesting and it keeps their incentive up to keep working," Dr. Harmon says.

Davignon says, "There's just something about golf, you don't have to be super strong, you don't have to be macho, you don't have to have a whole lot of money, it's just a good game to play."

Davignon used to love to play golf, before a head on collision nearly took his life.

He says, "I broke a hip. I did a lot of damage. I'm lucky to be alive."

And, it's been a long road to recovery. The accident nearly paralyzed him. But, today’s therapy is going pretty well.

"You did it, absolutely fantastic," Dr. Harmon tells him. Davignon says, "This is better than regular golf!"

He says he enjoyed the Wii Golf game therapy so much, he may buy a Wii system to keep practicing his golf swing even after he leaves the hospital.

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