Charles Howell III returns to Augusta

Monday April 2, 2012

Augusta, Ga--"its nice to be back" said Charles Howell "The years I did miss, I watched on TV, it's hard not to and as much as I love the golf tournament and the place, I'm more excited to be back for that reason."

And it's nice to have him back. But a lot has changed in the life of CH3 since he's last played here to the tune of two kids, Ansley and Chase. Chase joining the family just a month and a half ago.

"I've got less sleep then I got two years ago" added Howell "No, it's been a lot of fun and I'm lucky they've been able to travel with me to most events."

Two weeks ago dad, Charles Howell the second, was with him in Orlando for a few days.

"I love to watch him play" said Charles Howell II "And I love to walk the fairways and watch him play. If he hits the ball in a bad spot he just goes and finds it and hits it again and that's about all we can do"

"He works too much, I wish he'd slow down and retire" said the younger Howell "It's always good. He's been there for many of the golf lessons I've ever had so he knows what's going on with me . It's nice to have another eye on things."

On the course, the big change is a new coach in former player Grant Waite. It's been a noticeable difference for both Howells.

"It's a different way of things because he played and he played the tour. So he's seen it from both sides and its nice to have a players prospective of things" said CH3

"I think they're accomplishing a lot together. It's just unfortunate that we didn't get together with him sooner before this event but that's the way it is." added Charles Howell II

So far, so good. A second place finish at the Sony Open, and sitting 23rd in the FedEx Cup points.

The Howell family is a close one and they usally talke pretty much every day and when dad watched his son two weeks aog, he's seen his son grow up both on the course, and off.

"He is a lot stronger and bigger then he was in the past. He's not that 120 pound weakling anymore" added dad with a smile.

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