Masters all about tradition for players and patrons

News 12 at 6 o'clock, April 9, 2009

AUGUSTA---The spectator guide given to patrons as they enter the Augusta National states that the chief objective of the Masters is to "stage a golf show that is enjoyable to all". That means preserving traditions...and making new ones.

Doug Hall of Nashville watches the Masters scoreboard as if it were a giant television and his folding chair was his favorite recliner.

"You know, you can use your imagination," he said. "You know all the holes, you know what they did...sit here and use your imagination and see what's going on."

Sitting here has become a tradition for him over the years at a tournament rich in tradition itself. The manual scoreboard is a great reminder of that.

"This tournament and the British Open are the only tournaments that they have scoreboards like this," Doug said.

Even though you'll never see Jumbotrons at Augusta National, you will see plenty of TV cameras, bringing the action to the viewers at home.

CBS has been your home for the Masters since 1956.

Even with all this tradition, Augusta National is embracing new technology. One example is their new iPhone application. It's got live video, player information, and tons of extras. Your link to the links. Ironically, though, you can't bring a phone onto the course!

You can also see a mix of tradition and today's talent when it comes to the players. 2009's rockstar plays right alongside a man who rocked Augusta National in the 80's. It's something Michael Schribman of Columbia, S.C. is excited to share with his son.

"He wanted to see Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. So hopefully we'll see that today," Michael said.

Another tradition: reasonable prices for those famous sandwiches, all under $3 each and some as low as $1.50.

"Unbelievable," one patron said. "Unbelievable. There's nothing this cheap in Texas."

It's a tradition that's priceless...just like Doug's.

"I like this better than watching the digital and all that," Doug told us. "I guess I'm old too!" he chuckled.

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