Technology can help you improve your golf game and your balance at the same time

By: Jeff Anderson Email
By: Jeff Anderson Email

News 12 at 6 o'clock--APRIL 6, 2009

AUGUSTA--Getting better in your own golf game takes practice, dedication and something you may not think much of, balance. You can improve your balance and your golf game with a little modern technology many of you already have in your own home.

Golf has a lot of parts to master to become proficient. It can be a tough challenge to get that swing perfect. But there is more to it than swinging a club.

Dr. Raymond Chong is Director of the Human Movement Science Lab at the MCG School of Allied Health. He says a great way to improve your game, is to work on your balance.

"Balance is important to golf because often times, it is the basis of movement to create the swing you want." he told us.

In other words, it starts at the bottom and moves to the top.

Dr. Chong has, literally, a space-age machine that can help people make their balance better. It's a NASA -designed device that helps astronauts get used to being back on earth after a trip into space.

"You could use this to practice your weight shift for your golf game." he said.

Basically, you stand on a move-able platform and shift around to control a soccer player on a screen in front of you. The goal is to keep the bouncing ball from going out of bounds by moving your player from side to side. But to do that, you have really keep your balance on the platform.

But chances are, you don't have access to any space-age equipment from NASA to work on your balance. Dr. Chong says you can do much the same thing right in your living room with Wii Fit.

So, get out your balance board, step up to the screen and play those balance games.

A little bit of practice each day could go a long way. Combine that with some on the range and on the course and you could see a bit of an improvement and have some more fun.

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