Masters patrons deal with Saturday rain

By: Diane Cho
By: Diane Cho

With sunny skies all week, we were due for a rainy day at the Masters.

Saturday was that day.

The wet conditions affected players and patrons alike.

Today almost everyone came armed with a walking stick of sort. Even the caddies had one handy.

But some patrons brought more: umbrellas, slickers, and other rain gear.

Despite an ominous sky, some came armed with optimism.

"Looks like rain, but I think it will blow over," one golf fan commented.

No such luck.

Just a few minutes into play, patrons were scrambling for cover.

Those who couldn't find cover found a friend instead.

"We're gonna hug 'til the sun comes out," said a fan.

They should take a lesson from the Hansliks of Austin, Texas, who were dressed in their fishing gear.

"We got it all covered," Shirley Hanslik said.

The story for Saturday was on again, off again rain. But rain is soaked into the course. Whether the sky pours or not, the water's already affected play.

"They've got the skill levels to overcome whatever it is. We've got the skill levels to sit here in the rain and watch it," one fan said optimistically.

But lightning proved too much for all skill levels, and play suspended about two hours in, leaving many golf fans high and dry.

Players were back on the course at about 5:15 and played until dark.

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