On Your Side: Space-Aging Your Golf Game

By: Jeff Anderson Email
By: Jeff Anderson Email

News 12 at 6, April 6, 2008

EVANS--Revolutionary technology and Augusta aren't something that many people consider going going hand-in-hand. But when it comes to the game of golf, Augusta is actually home to some ground-breaking technology.

That technology first involves a suit. It's a space age looking-thing with all kinds of antennae type things poking off of it. It doesn't help you fly to the stars, but it does get you to another difficult to travel to place, the green.

It's called the Taylor Made MAT Fitting System. It's one of 8 in the country and it's here at the International Golf Academy at Jones Creek Golf Club. It's something that's helped Jim Segal's game tremendously.

It knocked a couple of strokes off my game, but it improved my accuracy dramatically." Jim said.

Here's how it works, the golfer gets covered from head to toe with motion capture equipment. A ton of high-speed cameras get ready to take a very detailed picture.

So when he swings, every twist, turn and tweak are captured. It's all put together in the computer afterwards and then specific types and measurements of clubs are suggested to fit the golfer's swing.

"We give you all othe tool you need to get the right set of clubs so you can play your best game you can play." Jones Creek Golf Professional Carlos Santos said.

It literally tailor fits clubs to your golfing needs.

Around the corner at Jones Creek is another neat piece of technology.

The V-1 video system.

It allows you to capture the golfer's swing from front and back angles." Jones Creek Professional Cara Andreoli said.

"But instead of working to get different clubs, this allows a pro like Cara to make changes to your swing.

"Sometimes people think they are doing one thing and they are doing another." Cara said.

And being able to watch it back on a video screen lets the golfer actually see what he's doing wrong and also to see how to correct it.

The whole goal is to see scores improve, so the golfer's moods will too.

"Our job is promote the game of golf. If we can get them to play better they will enjoy the game more." Cara said.

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