Young offensive line will fuel Blackville Hilda's offense

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David Berry has been coaching at Blackville Hilda for over two decades. Very rarely does a Fighting Hawk team have a down season. He may not always have the biggest or strongest players, but Berry and the Hawks know how to win.

This year's version will feature plenty of new faces up front. While they have two capable running backs in Christian Sanders and Darren Ford, they have a new quarterback and a young offensive line. Coach Berry knows the success they have starts up front.

"They have to understand they're the heart and soul. Without them we can't do a whole lot of nothinig" said David Berry "They're the kids that make everybody go. They're the ones who put the running backs names in the paper. They don't get a lot of glory and it takes a special kind of kid to play line and hopefully those kind of kids we have"

Another thing Berry is looking for, leadership. Hasn't been sold on much of that in the early going and needs some guys to step up and take accountability of the team. One things for sure, they will be in just about every game and most likely win a lot more then they lose.

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