Winningest Futurity ride makes Augusta a second home

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Friday January 25, 2013

Augusta, Ga--Just a couple of days remain before the 34th annual Augusta Futurity comes to a close. While you might not completely understand the cutting horse competition, you have to appreciate what these folks do and how good they actually are. For 20 plus years, maybe the best ever has been in Augusta.

Phil Rapp is his name and he calls Texas home. During his long storied career Rapp has won over $8 million in the business. He grew up on a horse and to be honest he never really had a certain time that he said he'd be a cutter for a living, it just happened that way.

"It's just a passion" said Phil Rapp. "We could win the lottery tomorrow and I'd still cut, maybe not as aggressively as we do now but this is what I do and this is kind of my therapy. If I need to get away or something like that, I'll saddle a horse up and ride in the back pasture but this is my passion, this is my love."

Rapp has riden in the various divisions and actually missed out on the Mercuria World Series Open championships last night. If you were a novice watching the cutting, you probably wouldn't see a big difference between the classes, but there is to the riders.

"Between the open and the non-pro its huge, it's huge" said Rapp "I would say it's the same jump from high school to college football and college football to the pros. I mean it's that big. Like people from the amateur, that would be high school going to college, and then college would be the non pros and so it's a huge jump."

The futurity winds up tomorrow with the four year old finals. Saturday is also the family fun fest outside the James Brown Arena from 10 til 1. Really a good time for the family an it's free!

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