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Thursday February 14, 2013

Augusta, Ga--When you think top basketball players in the area this year, two names come to mind. Aquinas Ahmed Hill and Westside's Frank Booker. For the Patriot senior, you almost have to see his range to believe.

Booker has gone for over 40 points twice this year and can score points in bunches. His range is down right scary at times. Leave him open, pretty much anywhere past the midcourt stripe, and booker is likely to let it fly. They're not bad shots, it's something he practices every single day

"I'm shooting the ball a little bit deeper, with hands in the face, and I'm getting more efficient with my shots" said Frank Booker "Rather then just shooting it and hoping it goes in, now shooting it and knowing it's going in."

"At times, we, as coaches on the bench feel some of the shots have been a little too deep, but when they drop, we just look at each other and sort of just shake our heads." said coach Marvin Fields

It's not all outside game for Frank, who's really made himself a better player this year, on both ends. He knows if he, and the rest of the team rebounds, they'll win. He also has his dad as an assistant coach which comes in handy at times.

"His shooting abilities have developed over the years and I really attribute that to the hard work that coach Frank Booker has put in with him." said coach Fields

"It's a lot easier to know that he's there with me and he helps me, guides me. If I need help, I'll go over to the sidelines to the coaches and ask what do you see and what are you looking at and its a lot easier to play that way." added Booker

Coach Marvin Fields calls frank one of the best he's ever coached and is also one of the best team players he has. As far as the future, Frank's waiting til after the season before he decides on anything but he is getting looks from several major programs.

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