Westside ready for baseball quarterfinals

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Augusta, Ga--Things are heating up in the GHSA state playoffs. Quarterfinals set to go on the baseball diamonds. Westside in the middle of the fun as they hit the road tomorrow to Atlanta.

Gerald Barnes, who notced his 800th career win a week and a half ago, is again leading this team deep into the post season. They have kids who've been here before, so that goes along way. It also helps they have some talent. Getting hot at the right time makes all the difference in the world this time of year and the object really is pretty simple.

"He told us before the playoffs started, it's not about what two you win, it's about you have to win two, so it' doesn't matter if you win the first and the thrid, you have to win two and that came up against Jeff Davis, when we lost the second game and ended up winning the third game" said Jalen Lampkin

"I think the approach of the players has been pretty solid" said Gerald Barnes "They've just concentrated on just playing that day and really haven't worried too much about the other stuff. I don't think there's that kind of pressure on them. Most of them have played in a playoff game before so it's not like this is new, so that's a good thing."

Patriots take on Westminster of Atlanta tomorrow in the best of three. Coach Barnes joked it's one of the few places he's never been too. His Patriots are lose and confident and could bode well even though they know they'll have their hands full.

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