Washington Wilkes again a big time threat

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Tuesday August 27, 2013

Washington, Ga--Washington Wilkes has had a pretty darn good tradition of football over the years. When Robbie Robinson took over the tigers a few years back, he restored some of the glory they had lost. Now, these Tigers are contenders and ready to pounce once again.

They are now a run and gun style of offense that can keep the fans on their feet and the defense on their heels. It's a style that Robinson says the kids have bought into and love to play. It helps when the end result is wins and that's important in their neck of the woods.

"You know we just want to continue the steps in the right direction as a program and do what Washington Wilkes is suppose to do" said Robbie Robinson "That's being in the post season, and try to go deep in the post season, and play for region championships. We're very fortunate that we're in a program that has a lot of tradition"

"Last year it was my first winning season on varsity football so we know what it feels like to win and now we are just going to take that step forward and try to get that championship ring" said Jalen Turner

DeAndre Harris takes over at quarterback and is only a sophomore. But he has skill guys behind him and one of the biggest offensive lines in front of him. This tiger team is hungry after an early exit from the post season a year ago and the carrot is dangling there in front of them.

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