Wardlaw looks to repeat as 8-man champion

Wardlaw Academy Patriots
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Monday November 12, 2012

When Mark Rodgers took over as wardlaw's football coach this summer, there were some noticeable changes for the patriots. They lost nine seniors and switched from a balanced offense to a run-heavy attack. What didn't change? The goal to win state.

A year after taking the title, the patriots are back and ready to do it again. It's certainly been a different atmosphere though. Last year's team was expected to get it done, and they delivered an undefeated season. This squad was supposed to be a year away from reaching the top, and that makes it even more sweet.

"Everybody said that we wouldn't be anything without the seniors that we lost last year and that we were too young to make it where we did. It means everything to us. Like I said, everybody said we couldn't do it this year, and we're just keeping on going." said Daylen Morris

"It's not really about what everybody expects. It's about you and your team and how you come together and act as a unit. It's about your line blocking, having somebody good to throw the ball and run the ball, and that's what we have this year." said Jacob Baynham

The Patriots match up with st. John's christian Friday night in St. Matthews. They haven't played them yet this season