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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If you take a look at the schedule in sports the next month, there's plenty of football ahead, but there's also an ultimate frisbee tournament coming up here in Augusta, and the CSRA Ultimate Club is ready to make a statement.

"It's great because it combines the passing skills of basketball with the field awareness of soccer, and it's also cool because everyone gets to be a wide receiver, and everyone gets to be a quarterback," said Club President Max Williams.

The game is ultimate frisbee, and no, there are no baskets involved.

"Awareness is growing," Williams said. "But it's still confused particularly because Augusta is a huge hot spot for disc golf. It's kind of on the tip of everyone's tongue."

The sport has taken off on college campuses and Williams found it just in time.

"Most folks pick it up in college. I picked it up as I was graduating. I couldn't throw. All I could do was run around."

Ultimate, though, is one of the most inclusive sports you'll find. Even if all you can do is run around, there's a spot for you.

"Worst case scenario, you only have to throw it ten feet and they'll do the rest for you as long as you're running hard," said club member Alex Vickroy.

Cue the CSRA club. It's a group of guys and girls who love the game, and skill level is not important.

"We want to find athletes that just want to be part of it," Vickroy said. "If you're self motivated and you're dedicated to learning this sport, then we want you to be part of our club."

Ultimate's one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and there's a pretty simple reason for it.

Williams said, "I think it's going to continue to attract people because there's very little barrier to entry. It's a disc, some cones and a field, and it's a lot of fun."

With players ranging from 17 years old to 47, the CSRA Ultimate Club continues to grow, even having plans for a travel team in the coming year.

If you're interested in trying out ultimate, or if you already play and want to find the team, the club hosts pick up games on Wednesday and Sunday nights at North Augusta's Riverview Park.

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