US Olympian, Jennie Finch, represents her sport in the CSRA

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Oct. 27, 2013 Former Olympian and outstanding softball player Jennie Finch has completed an impressive career, but is hardly finished as a major representative for her sport.

Now, instead of playing, the two-time medalist has shifted her focus to helping others chase their softball dreams.

The latter brought Finch to North Augusta for a second straight year of holding her softball camp in the CSRA.

In between the Q and A's and the drills, Finch was also talking about the status of her sport. Softball is facing an uncertain future after the Olympic committee dropped softball through the 2020 Olympics.

There's still a chance, with appeal, softball could be added to the Tokyo games. Due to Japan's passion for the sport, Finch is holding out hope.

"We really hoped and wanted softball back in and (we're) heartbroken over the removal of it, but you know our sport is prevailing," Finch said. "There still is USA softball, there still is a pro league, the National Pro Fastpitch, and so we're just going to continue growing."

Finch has been an excellent spokesperson for the sport playing in the professional league and winning a gold in 2004 and a silver in 2008 for Team USA.

Finch says her role in a future US Olympic team is uncertain, but she will be involved-- even if it's only as a fan.